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Modules 01

RL | Asset Maintenance

Properties and their relationships to each other, whether they are television programming, games, films, logos, images or music, must be pristinely managed to enable sophisticated rights management.  Asset Maintenance is a comprehensive inventory database and the entry point for property metadata in RightsLogic.

The Asset Maintenance module includes functionality to manage genres, keywords, ratings, target demographics, guild associations, languages and synopses.  It also manages metadata for contributors, evaluations, awards, premieres, related assets, related music tracks, break formats, copyrights and trademarks, chain of title and asset versions.

The Asset Maintenance module is client-customizable and each asset/property type may have a different configuration of fields.

Modules 02

RL | Rights In

Capture and manage all acquired, commissioned or original programming or IP contractual rights, financials and other deal terms.

The Rights-In module includes functionality to manage general contract identifying information, multiple contractual parties, media rights, including the user of numerous hierarchical rights trees; hard or event driven license dates, promotion rights, editing rights, exhibition rights, including the establishment of multiple windows, option rights, obligations, services and credits, payments, revenue particpations, delivery schedules, general business terms, contract versions and amendments and other metadata necessary to handle any kind of content driven or IP deal.

In addition, the module contains sophisticated search and reporting tools, including Rights Clearance and Availability reporting. 

Modules 03

RL | Rights Out

Similar to the Rights-In module, the Rights-Out module tracks and manages the entire process of licensing or distributing your properties through 3rd parties.

When using both modules, Rights-Out deals are validated against Rights-In deals so that you can't license rights you don't actually have or have already licensed.

Modules 04


Manage your program sales force with seamless integration to Rights In and Rights Out deals: track prospective deal negotiations, conduct performance management and sales analytics and track financials to maximize every sales opportunity.

Finalized deal outlines created within the CRM module can be automatically outputted to the Rights In and Rights Out modules, thereby eliminating duplicate keying.

Modules 05

RL | Program Planning and Scheduling

A multi-faceted planning tool that enables Programming and Scheduling teams to plan schedules over multiple linear, non-linear and digital channels with full circle validation against rights, exhibitions and other contractual and non-contractual business rules.

The Program Planning and Scheduling module includes functionality to create both linear and non-linear schedules and has numerous efficiency tools such as bicycling, mirroring and global episode or version replacement.   It also includes reminder calendars for promotions and special events.   It is highly configurable so that different outlets may have different version priorities, break formats, daylight savings time settings, programming day hours, planning periods, day parts, programming days and validation rules.  It also includes the optional ability to create non-linear schedules from existing linear schedules. 

Modules 06

RL | Acquisition Finance

How can you better trust your balance sheet? Our Acquisitions Finance module ties directly to the Rights In and Programming Planning and Scheduling modules to ensure your balance sheet is always accurate and up to date.  RightsLogic amortizes assets according to any of the four industry-accepted amortization models, tracks inter-company amortization and processes liabilities and payments with an optional approval queue.  With our workflow and reporting, closing monthly and yearly accounting periods is a breeze.

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Modules 07

RL | Distribution Finance

Managing billing and revenue recognition for your sales and 3rd party licensing revenues is challenging, especially with exploding distribution models and increasingly complex financial calculations. RightsLogic automates full sub-ledger accounting no matter what accounting practices you follow, while using a configurable revenue recognition rules engine.

Its comprehensive feature-set automates revenue and royalties processing, guarantees shortfall analysis, cash application, and revenue sharing calculations.  RightsLogic’s reports make closing monthly and yearly accounting periods easy for finance groups.

The Distribution Finance module includes the capability to search for deals by various attributes, create royalty statements, adjust or reverse royalties, apply cash and associate it with a particular deal, estimate royalties, recognize revenue; process invoices, receivables and customer statements; post transactions to the G/L and define payment schedules using templates.

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Modules 08

RL | Extranet

De-duplicating data entry and automating information transfer between you and your customers optimizes efficiency and improves communication and reduces the need for labor-intensive customer support teams.  The Extranet lets 3rd party licensees and content partners view their payment history, download invoices, submit deliverables including royalty statements and update their own contact information.



Manage inventory from inception through the long-tail in a single system while monetizing properties across all distribution platforms and available windows of use.  You can also view available rights and financials at a glance and identify under-utilized properties, make strategic decisions, reduce risk, minimize costs, plug revenue leakage and plan your entry into new distribution channels based on real time business data.