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RightsLogic Architecture


RightsLogic integrates exceptionally well with other systems both in real-time and batch, for larger quantities of data. The many systems with which we integrate include:

  • Traffic & Scheduling Systems:  Gabriel, Pilat, WideOrbit, Harris, Broadview, Anvato, Vignette
  • ERP Systems:  Oracle, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Lawson, SAP
  • Order Management & Delivery Fulfillment Systems:  Xytech, Prime Focus
  • Digital Asset Management Systems:  Artesia, Ericsson
  • Document Management Systems:  Interwoven, OpenText, SharePoint
  • Homegrown Systems: QC/Product Approvals, Resource Scheduling, Workflow, Contract Management



Integration Diagram 2 01


RightsLogic | Integration Methods

While many of our customers enjoy the ease and efficiency of using all of RightsLogic’s modules together, we certainly can integrate with other systems that perform similar functionality. Integration methods include:

Integration 01

  RightsLogic | Sample Integration

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