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Details matter. To get the highest ROI from your rights portfolio you need to know more than just what you can sell. You need to understand what you should sell, and how to unlock its value. RightsLogic, the industry’s leading rights management system, covers the entire lifecycle, from deal inception to planning and usage, to comprehensive financials. Its detailed analytics give you an unfair advantage as you identify opportunities and avoid common pitfalls.

As new content distribution models emerge, Media and Entertainment industry leaders race to grow their share of the market.  However they struggle to maximize content monetization due to a lack of real time business data analytics.  RightsLogic supports a key strategic imperative for industry leaders: to leverage all available properties to their maximum potential across every distribution platform (TV, PC, Mobile, Tablet) in order to expand market share.

RightsLogic brings proven value and return on investment to major businesses including TV Programming (linear and on demand), Digital,  Mobile, Gaming, Publishing, Film and Consumer Products Licensing, among others.  It is a single system used to manage contractual rights, linear and non-linear program schedules and financial processing that integrates seamlessly to 3rd party systems.  Moreover, it is highly configurable and creates the “One Truth,” a single point of reference with a centralized data structure for all parties including Legal, Programming, Sales and Finance. This ensures everyone works off the same information and the right people get actionable information quickly and easily.

A scalable platform, RightsLogic is offered as a SaaS, Hosted or Enterprise solution.  Whatever your business needs, RightsLogic can be configured for you. 

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Who Touches Rights?

Simplify the needs of your organization by implementing RightsLogic.

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"We've had double-digit growth in revenue over the last few years in content licensing. People have no idea what rights they are granting, and what they don’t realize is how far their licenses have traveled. We're careful about it. People don't really have a handle on it and don't know what it means. They're leaving money on the table and they are losing IP value on the property."

Multichannel News, Rights Management For The Digital Age

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