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Media & Entertainment

End-to-End Management for Content Inventory, Rights, Scheduling, Financials and Workflow with Advanced Reporting & Analytics


End-to-End Management for Rights, Royalties, and Validation with Advanced Reporting & Analytics

Pharma & High Tech

Intellectual Property Licensing Rights, Restrictions, Obligations & Financials

Who Needs RightsLogic?

For 31 years, we have worked with a variety of clients to ensure a high return on investment for the entire rights content portfolio.

"Automating a rights management system is not just a matter of hygiene - it's as much about providing the company with the appropriate tools to compete in a rapidly changing marketplace."

Gartner Research

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Insight into RightsLogic

The world’s leading companies use RightsLogic, the industry's leading contractual rights management system, to manage the entire rights lifecycle for content, intellectual property, consumer product licensing and event sponsorship. We help them significantly boost ROI on their rights portfolio through a combination of:

  • Unique insights: detailed analytics, big data and yield optimization, as well as highly intuitive reporting that identifies opportunities to boost sales and stop revenue leakage.
  • Advanced workflow: keep projects on track, so that you can focus on creating the extraordinary.

Empower & Equip

Our breakthrough products & industry expertise allow our clients to execute day-to-day tasks seamlessly.

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The world’s largest companies use RightsLogic to manage their IP & Content rights. They depend on our level of detail and constant innovation.

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Rights is mission critical. We’ve architected RightsLogic for industry leading uptime, with insights that move the needle.

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We built everything in RightsLogic to meet the real, pragmatic needs of the world’s leading content and product companies.

RightsLogic enables you to see the forest and the trees. With clear visibility and keen insights our customers can make quick decisions that allow them to monetize their content across all platforms and territories.